The excitement builds! How do we make a big, positive difference in the community in which we work and live? We support the work of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB)!

The Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia along with industry partners are thrilled to present the 6th Annual REEL Thanksgiving Challenge in 2018! Along with 18 sponsors we challenge local film and television productions, along with their fans, to make donations to the GVFB. Funds and food donated go towards supporting more than 27,000+ people in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North and West Vancouver with access to healthy, nutritious food, in warm, welcoming and empowering, environments.

For each $1 you donate, the GVFB can purchase $3 worth of healthy nutritious food for its members.

“The REEL Thanksgiving Challenge is now eagerly anticipated each year from the moment the last dollar and can of food is donated in the previous year. Our industry is so excited to support the good work and members of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and to give back to this province that so many cast, crew and productions call home.”
Rob Larson, Business Agent for Directors Guild of Canada - British Columbia

“Food has an amazing ability to connect people, and this event, and everyone who participates by donating dollars and food makes such a difference in our community. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is working hard every day to create something that is bigger than handing out food; we are creating places where people can come together to access, share and enjoy nutritious food, as well as access information and make connections that will improve their own lives. The REEL Thanksgiving Challenge helps to make this happen in a big way! Thank you!!”
Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank