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Welcome to CDRD's Annual Holilday Food Drive

I'm sure we are all well aware of and very excited for the upcoming Holiday party extravaganza. As the season of giving is fast approaching, the CDRD social committee has once again organized the annual food drive, this time it will be a virtual food drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Online donations allow the food bank to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well as milk, eggs, and other perishables which will serve as a nutritious alternative to the traditional canned/dried goods donated in a conventional food drive. 

Please help us reach our lofty goal of $1000. Thanks in advance for your participation! Remember, for every $1 donated, the Food Bank is able to purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food.


Social Committee

CDRD Food Drive
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Goal:  $1,000.00
Achieved:  $1,560.00

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