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Welcome to My Virtual Food Drive

Hey Relicans (and friends)!

For this year's annual food drive, we've decided to enter the DIGITAL AGE! That means instead of having to make an extra trip to the grocery store, you can just take five minutes and donate a couple items right here. It's super quick, super easy, and allows us to do some genuine good for our fellow Vancouverites. We really can't stress enough how much this matters to people less fortunate than us. A gesture as small as putting the $5 that would normally go to Starbucks or JJ Bean towards this instead can legitimately help make a family's life a bit brighter. 

To support, just scroll down to the great selection of food and support options below and make a donation where you want. Here are some quick tips;

  • - This is set up like an online grocery store, so you can customize what you'd like to purchase/donate specifically, and customize the amount you'd like to donate for each. It initially looks a bit confusing, we swear it isn't. 
  • - Looking a quick and easy donation? Choose "Quick & Easy Meals". Boom! Done!
  • - Those dollar amounts aren't as crazy as they look! Want to donate to Kids Picks, but can't spare $100? No worries, those are just suggested donations. You can customize the amount you donate to an item at the checkout screen. So for example you can add fruit, pasta, and eggs to your cart, and donate $5 towards each. Make sense? 
  • -Donations are in Canadians Dollars, and you'll receive a tax deductible email receipt after donating.

Family and friends can donate too! Please feel free to share the link to this page, and help spread the word. 

Word on the street is that for every $1 donated, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can purchase around $3 of healthy, nutritious food. That's super important, and really helps make every donation count.

Let's go, Relicans (and honorary Relicans)!

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