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ATA x #gamersgathergrub 2017

Hello friends of ATA!

We're back for another round of #gamersgathergrub! This three-week competition among Vancouver gaming studios aims to see who can fill the most boxes of food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. And let it be known: ATA is the defending champion two years running! In 2015 we filled 109 boxes (1.98 boxes/employee) and in 2016 we raised just over $6,000 (2.05 boxes/employee). Three-peat, anyone?

This year's competitors are ATA, Capcom, IUGO, Kabam and Blackbird Interactive.

Just like last year, the Food Bank is putting an emphasis on cash donations. As previously agreed upon, $40 cash donation = 1 box. And of course, the total number of boxes filled per studio will be divided by the number of employees.

This is a fun competition benefitting a great cause, plus we feel some dynasty vibes coming on, so let's rally together and DOOOOOO THISSSSSSS!

<3 ATA

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