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Sony Pictures Imageworks Virtual Food Drive

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!

Because we know you are busy, we have set up a VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE, so you can help us out without having to go shopping for specific items!

A virtual food drive also gives the Food Bank more bang for their buck! For every $1 your team raises, the Food Bank can purchase $3 of healthy, nutritious food!

You have two options -- you can donate a set amount of money by clicking "donate money" or you can go virtual shopping by clicking "Shop for Food."

We are trying to raise $2000 for the studio, between the active dates of Monday, April 30-Friday, May 11!

To up the ante, we'll compete between shows! Let's see who can give the most between:


1) HT3

2) CBF

3) SMA

4) Other Starting Shows/PST/DEV/P&O/Finance


Once you have donated, the amount you have donated will be added to your teams total!

PLUS you will receive a tax receipt by email right after you’ve made your donation.

if you have ANY questions, please contact Megan at

Sony Imageworks
170 percent of goal achieved.
Goal:  $2,000.00
Achieved:  $3,390.00

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